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Are You Seeking Development Opportunities in Defined Areas?

At Rising High we utilise our skill sets as both property consultants and developers to source opportunities in target locations. This coupled with our extensive knowledge of land acquisition and investment finance has brought about many successful ventures for ourselves and our partners to take forwards.


As a mixed disciplined practice, we are experienced in generating planning gains with the network of specialist consultants we have harnessed to perform successfully to our aims and objectives.


We are experts in residential and mixed use development having maximised returns for ourselves, key clients and investors on multiple projects. The details of which can be viewed on our work history page.


Investing Intelligently

Organisations interested in creating high returns by investing in bespoke residential and mixed use land and development opportunities unavailable in the mainstream market, please contact us now.


We are keen to expand our network of investors and have been working closely with entities from both China and Kuwait on prospective projects in major UK cities to fit their development requirements and KPIs. We are looking forward to nurturing these relations and reporting further on these collaborations in 2020 


Seeing Things Differently For Funders

We are aware that situations arise where a project reaches a commercially unviable blockage for development companies. In this instance, should you require assistance or advice on re-planning or value engineering a potential scheme, do contact us. We excel in such situations and like to think we can breathe life back into projects that are stifled on technical or abnormal costs grounds. 


We are also interested, where circumstances allow, to act as a co-investing development partner. When the right opportunity arises we are willing to share the risk on any existing land or development project which organisations have under their control.


Working this way, we have unlocked numerous problem sites with strategic partners, securing much repeat business.


Finders Fees

Despite our own network of contacts, we value new land introductions from agents, surveyors, architects, consultants, or anyone with a solid lead that could assist us in identifying and securing a development opportunity. See our contacts page should you wish to get in touch about a potential project.



Creating great places to Live, Work and Play

We successfully compile and manage planning applications for our clients. We have extensive experience in assembling the professional team and coordinating their valued input throughout the conceptual design process. We have a comprehensive understanding of the various design and environmental disciplines involved in assembling applications and are adept at creating great places to live, work and play.


Our team provides a range of creative, honest and practical advice to landowners and developers seeking to gain planning permission for short and long-term benefit at a sensible speculative cost. 


We combine the depth and range of technical skills and experience we have in-house, with comprehensive knowledge of the planning processes and priorities of local authorities.

Optimising Profit Margins

We integrate this planning advice with financial insights, allowing our clients to see the profit implications of each scheme option we evolve for their consideration. We are skilled in coordinating  this often complex process, ensuring the most profitable solution is obtained as an outcome for you. Couple with this we efficiently manage the impact of any abnormal development costs to ensure optimum margins are maintained. This is explained further in our due diligence services section.



With every development project, in order to ensure they are viable the devil is always in the details. Here at RHC as standard practice we specialise in a microscopic analysis of all the aspects of an evolving target housing project that need to be ticked off. This is to ensure any conceptual proposals are de risked and buildable in order to make them a deliverable prospect to bring forward as a planning submission for our clients.


In evaluating matters we undertake the following processes to provide the best financial outcome for clients wishing to sell their sites once planning has been obtained. Alternatively we can tender the consented proposals if clients require this service and wish to develop the scheme out. See our project delivery services section in this regard.



Contractor Selection

We successfully compile and manage tenders for our clients. In doing so we target those contracting entities with a strong financial standing and a proven track record in the industry before considering them for the works. As part of our own pre qualification process we meet select organisation to interview their decision makers and thereafter undertake a series of site visits to assess the quality of their workmanship and construction management processes. We also look to assess what aftercare services they have in place for future repairs and maintenance. Only when we have ticked all these boxes contractors are invited to price a project under our remit.

Adding Value Fixing Costs

We have extensive experience in assembling the professional team to carryout design brainstorming reviews where we regularly create cost savings within the headline budget for the works. As a solution driven practice we push and probe contractors to consider alternative construction techniques, value engineering incentives and site logistics. This approach has seen us streamline the delivery costs for numerous development projects albeit a single plot, family housing led scheme or residential tower. Our ability to de risk sites comprehensively allows us to obtain cost certainty for our clients with contractors willing to work closely with us on a gross maximum price basis.

Pre Construction Administration

In many instances we take up the lead project management role for our clients liaising with  Employers Agent or Surveyors for financial institutions to coordinate the preparation of JCT design and build contracts in unison with our select contractor of choice. This enable us to present all the facts and demonstrate how the project has been de risked in full. We assist in the preparation of the lead in programme to enable a start on site to be realised for our clients and for the works to commence. It is usually at this stage many of our clients no longer require our services although we are happy to act as their eyes and ears throughout the duration of the works if this role below is sought.

Clients Agent/Project Management 

We can tailor a service to attend site progress meetings and report back to our client on key project matters if required. This sometimes occurs when we have been heavily involved in the design for the remediation and earthworks management of brownfield development sites. Given our know how it’s a scope of works we are happy to provide.

Bulk Sales

Through our many contacts we can look to organise the bulk sale of units to investors. Get in touch if you have a live project and require some upfront off plan purchases to generate some early capital.



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